the Boomerang is a throwing tool,used by the indigenous people in Australia.In the novel and manga version of Battle Royale,this weapon is assigned to Noriko Nakagawa.

In Battle RoyaleEdit

In the novel and manga version of Battle Royale,this was the weapon assigned to Noriko Nakagawa (Female Student #15) in the Program but it was never used and rarely mentioned throughtout the rest of the novel and manga.


  • A boomerang is a throwing tool used in Australia, and it now became a symbol of that country.
  • The oldest Australian Aboriginal boomerang are ten thousand years old.
  • The boomerang was never mentioned or showed again after it's introduction as Norikos' Weapon.
  • The boomerang in manga was introduced in chapter 7:Trust.
  • Boomerangs are used for more than ten thousand years.

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