Character Information
Haruka Kuze
Killed by:Missile attack
Cause of Death:Collapsed with Taku under a wall after a missile attack.
Actor:Haruka Suenaga

Female Student #5 Haruka Kuze is a character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Her dad is a businessman, and her mom is a music teacher. She started boycotting school, and was transferred to Shikanotoride by her parents. She has diabetes.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Haruka had a crush on Takuma Aoi, as she says that she always wanted to be alone with him. When Haruka died, Takuma became really upset. She probably was a friend of Nozomi Sagisawa, as when Takuma accidentally shoots Nozomi, Haruka appears to try and help Nozomi with her injuries, along with some other students.

In the ProgramEdit

Haruka is one of the students that managed to arrive at Wild Seven's hideout, and became an ally with them. When Aoi accidentally shot Nozomi, Haruka and some other students appear to help her. Later, a missile is fired on Wild Seven's hideout, and the ceiling collapsed on Haruka and Aoi. With her last breath, she confessed her admiration for him before passing away, due to her injuries.

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