Character Information
Hiroshi Kuronaga
Kills: 0
Killed by:Kazuo Kiriyama
Cause of Death:Shot
Assigned Weapon:Dagger
Actor:Yuuki Masuda


Not much about Hiroshi's background was given.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Hiroshi was friends with Mitsuru, Ryuhei, Izumi and Sho.

In the ProgramEdit


Hiroshi (at the foreground near Mitsuru and Izumi) dead after being shot by Kazuo.

Hiroshi along with Mitsuru Numai,Sho Tsukioka, Ryuhei Sasagawa, and Izumi Kanai, confronts Kiriyama and accuses Kiriyama of being a spy for Kitano. Kazuo distracts Ryuhei by spitting his gum at him,takes his uzi and shoots all of them.

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