Character Information
Hiroshi Kuronaga
Position: 37th
Kills: 0
Killed by: Kazuo Kiriyama
Cause of Death: Throat slit
Chapter Death: 11
Assigned Weapon: Harisen (Paper Fan)


Hiroshi Kuronaga (黒長博 Kuronaga Hiroshi) was known as a quiet, but arrogant student who tagged along with the Kiriyama Family.


Hiroshi was one of the shortest boys in his class

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Hiroshi was in the Kiriyama Family with Kazuo Kiriyama, Mitsuru Numai, Ryuhei Sasagawa, and Sho Tsukioka.

In the ProgramEdit

Kazuo Kiriyama sends a message to Hiroshi, along with the other gang members, to meet him at the Southern tip of the island when the students were released from the school. Hiroshi followed the instruction, only to be stabbed by Kazuo on his arrival.

Notes and TriviaEdit

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