Manga Information
Chapter 8-Mitsuko Souma
Mitsuko Souma
Chapter: 8
Volume: 1
Previous: Trust
Next: Kazuo Kiriyama Part 1
Deaths: Megumi Eto


Female student #3 Megumi Eto is hiding out in a house. Megumi is scared and thinks of how much she misses her family. While remembering them, she realizes that her mother had given her a cellphone to use if anything was to happen to her. Megumi dials her home and hopes for an answer. A male voice replies hello and Megumi, thinking it is her father tells him what has happened. However the man isn't her dad, but Kinpatsu Sakamochi. Sakamochi taughts Megumi as she crashes her phone.

This incident made too much noise as Megumi realizes that another student is nearby and has heard the noise. As the student walks in, Megumi finds out that it is a female. She hopes that it is either Mizuho Inada or Kaori Minami but is upset when she hears the voice of female student #11: Mitsuko Souma. Megumi gets her weapon out, but is upset to see that it is a knife as she thought girls were supposed to get better weapons.

Mitsuko knows someone is hiding under the table and bends down in tears to the scared Megumi. Mitsuko tells Megumi how happy she is to have found her and Megumi, thinking she had Mitsuko all wrong, embaces her. Megumi thinks back on how she shouldn't have judged Mitsuko since her own sister was also judged for things she didn't do.

What Megumi doesn't know is that Mitsuko had her weapon, a sickle, ready to murder Megumi. Mitsuko slices her nape while Megumi has a look of shock. Mitsuko drops the corpse to the floor and tells her that she was playing to win.

Back at the school, a soldier tells Kinpatsu Sakamochi that Megumi Eto had just been elimated. Sakamochi is slightly surpirsed at how quick the students are reacting to their situation and hopes that they will do him proud.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Megumi Eto is murdered by Mitsukio Souma.
  • This chapter features the first on-panel kill by Mitsuko.
  • First appearance of Megumi and Mitsuko during the game.


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