Character Information
Nao Asakura
Killed by:N/A
Cause of Death:N/A
Actress: Ayana Sakai

Female Student #1: Nao Asakura is a major character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Nao is a former Rugby Team Co-Manager along with Asuka Motomura. After her parents divorced, she was harassed in school and was forced to transfer. She's a busybody that cares about others.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

She is friends with Takuma Aoi, and also had a secret crush on him. She was best friends with Asuka Motomura. She was possibly also friends with Shintaro MakimuraShugo UrabeHaruka Kuze, Risa Shindo, and Kyoko Kakei.

In the programEdit

Nao was sitting with Aoi on the bus.. She noticed that Aoi was wearing an explosive collar, which alarmed her. She survived Mission 1: The Landing Maneuver, and Mission 2: Securing Ammo. Nao witnessed Taku kill an ATAT soldier, that stated that he had a family too. She stood emotionless and shocked. She went with Haruya, Jin, Kyoko, Risa, and the others and made their way to Afghanistan.