The chapter starts off with Mitsuko begging Yuiochiro to stay with her and that she can fix him. Alas, her only solution was to rape him, due to her belief that sex is the solution to everything. First she massaged his erection. Then she unzipped the boy's pants and and sucked on his penis for a little. After that, she proceeded to climb on top of him and bounce up and down on him, excitedly asking if he was feeling better.

Yuichiro begged her stop, saying she was causing severe pain due to his injury. She has flashbacks of her abusive stepfather and remembers his advances. Mitsuko believes Yuichiro rejected her, took advantage of her trust, and angrily rants to him about it. She proceeds to thrust him more furiously, this time to her hurt him and for her own pleasure.

Despite his pain, Yuichiro still finds enough pleasure, so he and Mitsuko climax into each other. Mitsuko finally finishes Yuichiro off with her sickle and stabs him. Despite his "betrayal" Mitsuko believes it to be the best sex ever, thanks Yuichiro, and sadly states they could have been together.

She looks at her glistening genitals and briefly fingers her vagina, which are now slick and runny with both of their juices. She then gets dressed and casually asks herself if anyone saw her naked.

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