• QuinerooSalvix

    Hey guys! So um.. it's my first time to make a blog on this wiki. I will be writing and posting my own of version of a battle royale.

    In 2025, Japan was in crisis. Japan was one of the countries that did not have futuristic technology. That was until a man named Yoshitoki Fujiyama was elected as their president. Yoshitoki was a very generous man until he learned the power of being a president. Yoshitoki then became corrupt and in 2027, he announced that the country will have a new government. Dictatorship.

    One day, he was addressing the State Of The Nation, where this baby was crying loudly. Yoshitoki got so irritated that he started cursing and complains about children always messing things up. He then sat down and had a deep thought. He re…

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