Character Information

Yasuaki Hosaka

Killed by:Wild Seven
Cause of Death:Shot
Actor: Takaaki Ikeyama

Male Student # 13: Yasuaki Hosaka is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Yasuaki was a weakling and introvert who associated with Maho Nosaka. He wanted to be a doctor.

In the programEdit

Hosaka survived Mission 1, The Landing Maneuver. He also survived Mission 2, Retrieving The Ammo. He also survived the mine trap along with Naoki Jo's group. He was shot in the chest along with Maho Nosaka by a sniper and because of his death, his partner, Mayu  Hasuda's  collar activates but she survives when wild seven activates the EMB with Risa Shindo and Shiori Kitano.

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